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Free Autographs is currently on hiatus, but we will be back! Make sure to keep checking in for new contests.

Who doesn't love free autographs?

Welcome to Free Autographs, where each month you have the opportunity to win actual autographed sports cards, absolutely free. Why would I come up with a website like this? Simple. Getting autographs is fun, but it can get a little expensive - with the cost of stamps and envelopes and everything. So I thought it would be cool to offer free autographs to people through a contest, to help boost there collections at absolutely no cost to them. It might not cost them - but it does cost you, right? Well, yes it does cost me. But I'm not going to go broke doing this, so I really don't care all that much. It's fun for me and free for you!

To participate, simply choose the contest you want to participate in and submit your answer, name and address to the given email address. A winner will be drawn at the conclusion of each contest.

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